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Standing Firm in Faith, Heeding God's Call

Persecuted and rejected at an early age, Pastor Jay* returns to the village he grew up in, to transform lives using Project Philip.

The Lord strengthened me to stand firm in my calling.

The Bible brings encouragement to those facing persecution.

Pastor Jay, the son of a farmer, was born in a village in one of the least evangelised regions in India. He faced persecution from a young age and with the help of Church Planter Training is determined to remain committed to serving the Lord.

He explains, “God has called me to serve in a community with a stronghold of Hindu fanatic groups who do not allow any other religious activities. Unbelievers in the village are responsible for ongoing attacks on visiting pastors and as a result, nobody is willing to work there. However, God has called me to serve here in the midst of persecution.”

“During a Sunday service, I was attacked by a very large crowd of Hindus. I was in the midst of worship and did not notice the crowd gathering,” says Pastor Jay. “A large group of about 60 young people, led by religious leaders approached our house church and shouted at us to stop the worship service. They pulled me from the church and started beating me and accusing me of converting local Hindus to Christianity, by making false claims. I tried to reason with them but they refused to listen. The Lord was very gracious and faithful when a few church members moved in front of me to protect me from the group of fanatics. The police arrived and to my surprise, arrested me! Thankfully I was later released and praise God for protecting me during this traumatic ordeal.”

“At first I felt trapped with no opportunity of starting a church in this village, the Lord strengthened me to stand firm in my calling. Led by the Holy Spirit, I started my first Project Philip Bible study group which soon grew to more than 25 believers. It’s a great joy to serve the Lord and share the good news of Jesus with the people.

*Name changed for security purposes

Pray those suffering in India for their faith will remember God’s promises and be encouraged.


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