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Seeking God in her silence

Shylet lives in a silent world. She can’t hear when someone tries to get her attention, or if her family attempts to talk to her. The 15-year-old can’t communicate with her parents the way her siblings do because, unlike the rest of her family, she was born deaf.

At eight years old, she began attending a school for the deaf in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. She explains, “At school, I learn to communicate using sign language and also to read and write.”

Though it’s easier now for her to talk with others through signing, not everyone in her family knows how to sign – leaving her still very much alone in silence.

Shylet grew up in a Christian family, but it wasn’t until her school recently began using Project Philip Bible studies for youth that she started to study the Bible for herself. Her teacher encouraged the students to join the Bible studies. Shylet didn’t need much convincing.

“I was really excited to join the Project Philip program,” she notes with a smile. “This was the first time I ever participated in Bible study lessons.”

As she studied God’s Word alongside the other students, she understood more about God’s love for her.

“Learning about talking to God helped me a lot,” Shylet explains. “Now when I’m alone or when I feel unsure about what to do, I always pray, knowing that in my silence, God is hearing me.”

She is incredibly grateful for the Bible she received after finishing her Project Philip Bible study because she knows her family could never have afforded one otherwise.

“In my life, I have been lonely because of the difficulties I faced in communicating with my family. But after discussing different topics with my group members, I felt comforted by God’s Word. Now I read the Word of God every day.”

Can you provide Bibles and Bible study materials to young people like Shylet who need the comfort of God’s Word? Give Bibles now.


Call to Prayer: Praise God that Shylet has been able to receive a Bible when her family was unable to afford one.

The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.


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