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Planting God's Word to help people meet Jesus

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Doors of opportunity opened through Bible-based Literacy


One of the greatest opportunities you have right now is to see people learning to read and write so that they can read and understand God’s Word.

Imagine someone who was illiterate being able to read and write for the first time. And imagine them being taught these skills through the greatest book of all time, yes, the Bible!

That is why I am asking you to partner with us and give a gift of literacy and a Bible to many more in Zambia.

Allow people like Moses Mulamata to enrol and complete our Bible-based Literacy program.  Moses shared his story:

“My mother and father got divorced when I was very young and we couldn’t afford for me to get an education. No-one looked after me, I used to wake up at 2am to sell goods by the roadside to earn a few Kwachas. Later I looked after cattle, but I felt neglected and my life was going nowhere, I had no purpose.

Then my uncle introduced me to the Bible-based Literacy program, and I learned to read  and write. I have always had a passion for photography and learning English opened up  opportunities for me to start my own business as a photographer. God has done something  wonderful in my life.

Please give today to help overcome the greatest challenge that stands in the way of people like Moses coming to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Your gift of $20 will provide a Bible and Bible-based Literacy resources for 1 person. And a gift of $100 will mean five people will have their very own copy of God’s Word and the Bible-based Literacy resources needed to complete the course.

God’s Word is powerful and can change lives. But the need in Zambia is so great. Most of the people in these rural areas are mere subsistence farmers. Bible League has committed to meet this immediate need to plant 1,600 Bibles and literacy resources. With your help and partnership, we can provide HOPE to our Bible-based Literacy Facilitators who are so committed to see many more be saved in their communities!

And please pray that many more friends like you will step forward in generosity to help send out the Gospel and reach the lost to build God’s Kingdom.

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