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South East Asia

Help people discover hope through the Gospel of Jesus


Help people in South-East Asia find hope and freedom in Jesus

Many in South-East Asia are trapped in the darkness of karma – believing that their actions, good or bad, impact this life and the next.

It’s a terrifying way to live, and often leads to serious disappointment when life doesn’t go the way they expect.

But you can help more people find true hope and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Your gift today will help give a Bible to someone in South-East Asia, so they can escape the deceptions of karma and discover the freedom of life in Christ.

Plus, your generosity will also help serve the under-resourced Church globally through the provision of biblical resources and training like Project Philip.

Project Philip – which trains local church members in evangelism and discipleship – equips Christians to share and teach the Gospel so the church can continue to grow and thrive.

With so many lies and sources of false hope being offered by the world, it’s crucial to do all we can together to spread the Gospel truth.

Jesus Christ is the only true source of hope and freedom, so please give generously to help make the truth known to more unreached people in South-East Asia.

Thank you for giving today to help set people free in Christ!

They’re trapped by ‘karma’– but you can help set them free!


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