Imagine you have never read a Bible, maybe never held one in your hands. For a rapidly increasing number of people throughout the world, this is real—they don’t have to imagine life without a Bible they can read, understand, and believe. This IS their reality!

While the world is shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to bring you good news to encourage you.

Right now, more and more hearts are opening up to the Gospel, because it’s giving true hope to people uncertain of their future. God’s Word is reaching out and transforming lives in even the darkest places all over the world!

Just ask Seb*, Jesus’ love made a way when his life could hardly have been further from God.

But first, I have an urgent request I need to share with you.

There’s a pressing need – as I write – for the funding of 1,890 Bibles and biblical resources for the Muslim world. And that’s where you can make a powerful difference…

Your generous gift will put these invaluable resources in the hands of those who want and need them most: people who are searching for the hope of the Gospel in Muslim countries.

Especially now in many parts of the Muslim world, trying to find Bibles and biblical resources means putting your life at risk. But even so, there are many people who long to know more about Jesus.

Just think how valuable these resources might be for someone seeking the Good News…

Your gift today to help close the $37,800 funding gap will help reach those most in need of the Gospel – people like Seb*.

It was a Bible-based Literacy class that helped Seb find the grace of God for the very first time. His story begins right from when he was a child…

“My parents never really bothered to teach me anything. I had total freedom to do whatever I felt like doing without caring for the consequences of my, sometimes even criminal, acts.”

Seb’s way of living eventually led to imprisonment, but it was in the darkness of a jail cell that his life completely changed…

“What seemed at the beginning as a kidnap, turned out to be some brothers from the rehab centre, taking me like a prisoner. That’s when I lowered my defences and realised that they were sent by my friend…

 “When I started the rehab program, I wasn’t able to keep up because of my illiteracy. So, I joined Bible League’s literacy class. I started praying for the first time in my life. I asked God for forgiveness and repented from my past life. I was given a different identity. I felt new!”

Seb’s story reminds me of Jesus’ words in the Gospel of John: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me” (John 14:6 ERV). Praise God for generous supporters like you who open a way for people like Seb to find the way through Jesus!

I’m also reminded when praying with many of you in the last few weeks, even though you’ve found yourself in challenging circumstances, you have an urgent desire to take advantage of this season where so many are seeking assurance.

Please give – because you’ll give more people like Seb and Naim the opportunity to hear the lifesaving Word of God!

 P.S. You can share the hope of Jesus with thousands of people in the Muslim world! Please give generously today to help meet the $37,800 funding gap to provide Bibles and biblical resources for those seeking Good News in the world’s darkest places. Thank you!

*Names changed for security reasons.