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Resourcing the under-resourced Church through the provision of God’s Word

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New Zealand Purposes


Donations to local ministry in New Zealand are tax-deductible, e.g. NZ Purposes only. Currently we have projects running in New Zealand prisons and offer Bible-based Literacy facilitator training. In partnership with a large number of Prison Chaplains and volunteers we are reaching Kiwi prisoners with the living Word of God.

Our Bible-based Literacy training is empowering pastors and volunteers from local churches to be trained to deliver our  Literacy programme in their churches and reach people for Christ whilst teaching them reading and writing skills. Many with no or low literacy are learning valuable skills and also coming into a relationship with Jesus.

Donations to Bible League New Zealand for overseas purposes are currently not tax deductible. Businesses are able to gain some tax advantages by supporting the ministry through a business sponsorship.

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