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Growing the Church Community


The Magadi Region in Kenya is a good 3-hour journey from Nairobi on some pretty bad gravel roads under normal circumstances. But when I chose to visit it in April this year they were experiencing floods from neighbouring regions and so what was a road had become a river. But this didn’t stop me meeting up with a family of 7 brothers, 5 of whom were pastors. It was incredible that I was able to interview 3 who had recently graduated from our Church Planter Training and had all planted Churches. As I approached the first church, more like a corrugated iron shack, the only sign of life I could see amongst the rocky parched land was goats, donkeys and cows, so I was astounded when I heard that each of their congregations were 64, 81 and 120 people respectively.

What became even more intriguing was when I heard each of the pastors’ stories. In Maasai culture young men are chosen by the tribal chief to become either a warrior (protector of the tribe, approximately 5%) or a herdsman looking after livestock. Pastor Arjon shared his story with me. He was chosen to be a warrior, but the last qualifying step to becoming a warrior is that you have to kill a lion. Whilst Arjon was out with his spear looking to hunt a lion, one attacked him, mauled him and pinned him to the ground. Arjon used his last remaining energy to spear the lion and in so doing succeeded as a warrior. But this didn’t fulfil Arjon and he felt a deep calling to be trained as a pastor. He tells how he responded to God’s call, saying “Lord, you spared me from the lion, so I will serve you with all that I have in me.”

Arjon enrolled in Bible League’s Church Planter Training program and later went on to graduate and plant a church. Today his church has 81 members and he is excited when he shares that they have introduced Project Philip in his church. With the region only recently coming out of a drought, not only is the ground thirsty for the rainfall from the heavens, but the people too are thirsty for the Word of God.

Pastor Arjon sat down with his brothers and me on a “ol-dóínyó” (Maasai for “mountain”) and pointed out over the valleys ahead of us. He reminded me of Joshua 1 verse 3 where God promises the land to Joshua as he quotes: “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.” Pastor Arjon and his brothers are claiming this land, these valleys and their people for God’s Kingdom, they are stepping out in faith to bring the Magadi Region to God.

This year in Kenya we are praying to be able to supply 7,220 Kenyan seekers and new believers with a Bible and Project Philip resource in their heart language. Regions like Magadi are desperate to hear about Jesus and His saving power, but without God’s Word, pastors like Pastor Arjon won’t be able to engage and share it with them.

Your gift of $10 will provide a Bible and Project Philip resource for 1 person.

And a gift of $100 will mean ten people will have their very own copy of God’s Word and a Project Philip resource.

God’s Word is powerful and can change lives. But the need in Kenya is so great. Most of the people in these rural areas are mere subsistence farmers. Bible League has committed to meet this immediate need by asking you to partner with us to plant 7,220 Bibles and Project Philip resources.

With your help and partnership, we can provide HOPE to our Church Planters who are so committed to see many more be saved in their communities!