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Resourcing the under-resourced Church through the provision of God’s Word

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Bring true freedom to incarcerated people


In New Zealand, nearly 10,000 people live in the darkness of their prison cells.

Paula grew up in extremely difficult circumstances, and crime was an everyday part of her household. She shares…

“I grew up in a house of crime.  It was very abusive and violent.  When I was nine years old, I started shoplifting.  The police were called and put me in the car, but the officer paid for the things that I stole and took me home.

 “I was the oldest of 11 children, and I did the shoplifting to support my family.  I just kept going in that cycle until I got arrested.  I got a six-year sentence.”

Paula shares how she was released from her emotional ‘prison’ and found freedom even though she was behind bars…

“While I was sitting in jail, a volunteer chaplain told me about Jesus.  The volunteers had a heart for God… and gave their time [to run Bible studies and more] to pour into those of us who deserved to be there.

“They helped me realise that I could depend on God. I didn’t have to be the saviour.  It freed me.”

Your generosity today will help more prisoners like Paula find that freedom and experience God’s power, even in the weakness and loneliness of imprisonment. They dream of freedom every day… and your generosity today will put God’s Word in their hands so they can find true freedom in Christ.

By giving today, you’ll be changing broken lives in prisons all across New Zealand, by providing:

  • 4,000 specially designed ERV Prison Bibles;
  • Biblical resources for study and devotion;
  • The empowerment that chaplains and other volunteers involved in front-line prison ministry need to help prisoners begin to turn their lives around.

Thank you for generously resourcing the under-resourced church and healing broken lives in prison with God’s powerful Word today.

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