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Planting God's Word to help people meet Jesus

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Giving Life to Prisoners

Setting prisoners free


You and I have an incredible opportunity today to change the lives of many people living in prison in New Zealand.

A prisoner, James*, shares about his downhill battle with Methamphetamine: “I started doing it recreationally, but then you wake up one day and you cannot function without it,” he explains. “Imagine, if you can, how good you would feel if you got up to go to work, and you only got two hours of sleep the night before. Imagine now you had to go to work, and you didn’t sleep at all. Now imagine that in the last several years, you’ve skipped a third of all your sleep, and the only way that you can be awake any longer is with meth. The drug consumed all of my attention, and the bills were piling up. It created monetary problems, and with money problems comes marriage problems. So, I built a lucrative meth lab in my house. But the cops finally caught up with me.”

In prison, one of James’ mates went to the Bible study and urged James to join him: “Man, if you really want to change, this is the place.” That was the start of the turnaround journey in James’ life. “Now I’ve been straight for nearly five years. I can’t imagine going back to that.”

The situation in New Zealand Prisons and Correction Facilities gets worse every year, so it is vital that we keep giving people real hope by introducing them to Jesus. That is why we asking you to partner with us to plant Prison Bibles and reach many of the 10,400 people in New Zealand prisons and Correction Facilities during 2018.

Today, your gift of just $15 will allow you to place a Prison Bible into the waiting hands of someone like James. Your gift of $75 will provide Prison Bibles to five people. And a gift of $300 will mean twenty inmates will have their very own copy of God’s Word.