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Paving the way for peace amid conflict

In the last few years Chile has seen an increase in attacks against evangelical churches as radicalised groups of Indigenous Mapuche people fight to gain recognition of their rights and recovery of their lands.

However, Bible League Chile is seeing restoration come to these regions through the work of a Mapuche woman named Priscilla who has chosen the way of Christ instead of violence.

“My childhood was difficult as I was often discriminated because I am a Mapuche,” Priscilla shares. “However, I met Jesus Christ when I was 16 years old and then understood that love, faith, and forgiveness are key to the Christian life.

In Priscilla’s pursuit to share the Good News, God led her to see the great need in her own community. She was introduced to Project Philip Bible studies and immediately knew this was the right direction to take.

“I put my life in God’s hands and began going to places where there were Mapuche children who have never heard about Christ,’’ she says, her eyes brightening as she recalls the excitement. “Children are craving the message of Christ. I see how the children enjoy each lesson and value the resources from Bible League.”

Priscilla’s ministry symbolises faith and courage, along with her students, who put their lives at risk by committing to Bible studies in an area of dangerous radical groups.

“God has been faithful to us,” she says, smiling widely. We have not received any threat or interruption because of the Mapuche conflict, even though we are in an area hugely affected by that violence. There is no doubt that our peaceful Bible study classes are a sign of God’s fidelity and love.

“I thank God for Bible League. You make the Word of God reach this community of scarce resources. Now these children can know God, how valuable they are to Him and what Jesus wants for their lives.”

Will you support Bible League’s ministry in South America? The gift of a Bible is the most precious gift of all.


Pray: Praise God for the new generation of Mapuche children in Chile who are being reached with the Gospel message.

The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.


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