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Partnering for Kingdom Purpose

Mercy Indonesia has been partnering with Bible League for a number of years and the Bible-based Literacy program is impacting many orphans who find a home here, as well as equipping missionaries who take the literacy training out into their fields of harvest.

Pastor Paulus and his team run an amazing ministry combining orphan care, children’s centres, outreach, radio programming as well as training and sending of missionaries and church planters.

Bible League’s literacy program is helping orphans at the centre learn the vital skills of reading and writing, which in turn allows them to gain access to jobs in the community.

Pastor Paulus believes that it is not enough to take children off the streets, but one also needs to equip them both spiritually and physically which empowers them to transform their own lives.

Chantelle, the volunteer Bible-based Literacy trainer, is also training a group of missionaries, who are being equipped to go out and plant churches around Indonesia.

She says, “This is so important, the fact that these young people are learning to be Bible-based Literacy facilitators means that this ministry is multiplying. Once they are trained, they will go out and plant churches and use literacy as a means to reach each of the communities where they go.

“Bible-based Literacy is a great engagement opportunity for ministry. Because the course comprises of 80 lessons, the facilitators have a lot of contact with the students and are able to impact their lives and share their faith in a relaxed learning environment.”

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Pray for Bible League’s growing number of thriving Bible-based Literacy classes across Indonesia to continue seeing people grow in their literacy skills and come to know Jesus.


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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