From February 2012, Bible League International will operate under a new structure, designed to help them best meet the needs of impoverished communities all over the world.

It’s believed that under this new structure, Bible League International will gain a better understanding of the needs and direct involvement in each region as decision-making and day-to-day management is moved directly into the affected areas.

The restructure sees responsibility placed into three regional divisions.

Australia’s Grahame Smith will become the Division President/Chief Operating Officer of Bible League International Asia-Pacific and Southern Africa.

Bible League International Europe will be managed by Jos Snoep of Netherlands.

The Americas, Latin America and East and West Africa will fall under the management of Dan Obinger as Executive Vice President of Global Operations.

President and Chief Operating Officer of Bible League International Eric Fellman will oversee all three divisions.

Asia Pacific Division President, Sydney’s Grahame Smith, says the new structure enables the organisation to get a closer look at the needs of each region.

“Our initial focus is to develop strategic partnerships with complimentary organizations in each region in order to best understand the needs they face.

“We are already partnered with Compassion and Samaritan’s Purse and we are looking at establishing strong relationships with similar local organsiations in order to maximise our value to these communities.

“Our new structure enables us to better meet the needs of the world’s impoverished people. We believe that aid organsations working in these areas best understand how we can do this and we look forward to forming binding partnerships to see Gods work is done.”