On August 1, Bible League announced that the merger had been unanimously
approved by both ministries’ boards.

“All the business details came together very quickly and on schedule which is
more evidence that God’s hand was in our decision to combine operations,” said Global
CEO Robert T. Frank. “I believe our ministries are paving the way in creating the types
of unions that are unique in the non-profit world. And it’s important that others see the
benefits of following suit. After all, we’re all part of the body of Christ, and it’s not about
our individual ministries but more about what we need to accomplish for Him and His

Bible League and WBTC have a common mission of sharing the Word of God
around the world so it can be understood and lives can be changed. Each ministry
brings unique strengths to the relationship. Bible League has an extensive distribution
network and evangelism training expertise and WBTC’s strengths are in Bible
translations and publishing. All over the world, believers and those who need to know
Christ will benefit from the ministries combining forces.

“We look forward to how He will use our new combined ministry to more
effectively bring people into a relationship with Him,” said Eric Fellman, formerly WBTC
President and now President of Bible League. “We know our efforts will help people
prepared by the Holy Spirit to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Bible League is a non-profit evangelical Christian ministry, dedicated to serving
those involved in evangelism, discipleship and training of Bible study leaders and
church planters using the Word of God. Since its founding in 1938, Bible League has
placed millions of Bibles in the hands of people in more than 80 countries. Its goals are
that every person who wants a Bible can have one, every neighbourhood has a vibrant
Bible study group and every community has a thriving church grounded in God’s Word.

WBTC is a non-profit, Bible translation organisation founded in 1973 and based
in Fort Worth, Texas. A handful of people began the Center’s work with the desire to
see God’s Word accurately translated in a simple and clear way into the world’s majority
languages. The Center has printed and distributed more than 21 million Bibles and New
Testaments; it has also provided tens of millions of Scripture portions and internet