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Jesus is the Solution

Julião’s* parents were religious but didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His father died shortly after moving the family from Mozambique to South Africa for work reasons, leaving his mom with four children to raise. Julião recalls, “We struggled to make a living. We did not go to church anymore but used witch doctors to find solutions to our family problems. We grew up without knowing Jesus.”

Julião, now 67 years old, returned to the town where he was born in Mozambique, and where he lives with his wife and three children. Not so long ago, Julião met a man who would help transform his life. He recalls, “My wife was sick, and my daughter and I were taking her to the witch doctor when a man gave us booklets about God’s Word. After he prayed for us, he said, ‘This book will help you live a new life and find Jesus, the solution to your problems.’

Later, the man returned to Julião’s house to lead prayer and a Project Philip Bible study. Julião says, “Three days after meeting with him, my wife was healed. Through prompting by the Holy Spirit, I formed a Bible study group with my wife and two daughters. Jesus really is the solution! Although I regret the time I lost following the traditions of the witch doctors, I am forever thankful to God that I met the man on the street that day.”

Julião beams, “The day I found Jesus totally changed my life. The life I live now is one of hope and I want others to experience that too. I will continue to tell others that Jesus is the solution! Thank you for training and equipping faithful people so that they may bring the powerful Word of God to the needy ones.”

Pray for those that are wanting to know that there is a solution – Jesus.

*name changed for security reasons

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