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People are finding hope in Jesus amidst devastation

Earlier this month, Cyclone Fani left a trail of destruction across India and Bangladesh with winds whipping the east coast of the two countries at more than 200 kilometres an hour.

The cyclone left scenes of devastation behind, flattening infrastructure, destroying entire villages, and displacing more than a million people – many who thankfully evacuated before the storm made land fall in India.

Too often, Bible League in India sees the destruction left behind from natural disasters throughout their country. It’s at times like these that people often ask questions about faith – searching for answers.

Konika, 21 years old, from India is one example. She grew up in poverty, the daughter of Hindu parents and was forced into an arranged marriage at just 17 years of age. Her entire life was full of disasters – both in her physical and emotional world. She longed for answers. 

“I unexpectedly met a Christian sister (who was a Project Philip Bible study leader) at the darkest hour of my life,” Konika recalls. “She shared the story of Jesus, assured me that Jesus is the solution to all life’s problems. She encouraged me to visit her house for prayer and Bible study. I felt comforted after going to class. The book, “So Choose Life” inspired me to trust in God.

“My life has changed dramatically. I know that Jesus loves me and that he has a better plan for my life. I am glad that I have started a new life with Jesus. I’m grateful for Bible League for helping me build my broken life. Thank you.”

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Pray for disaster recovery across India and Bangladesh to go smoothly and that power, water and shelter will be provided quickly and efficiently for all those affected.

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