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Growing in Confidence Through Christ

Chintya* is a 23-year-old student learning English through a Bible-based Literacy class at her school in Indonesia. She has been in this class for a few months and is growing not only in her English skills, but in her faith as well.

“Our class meets every week and the teacher gives us work to practice at home,” Chintya notes. “The Bible-based Literacy class makes me very happy. The teacher is excellent. She repeats the lesson, so we can understand while being patient with me and other students who are slow learners. The class has made a profound impact on my life.”

As a child, Chintya’s teachers and even her friends looked down on her because of her poor English. She would overhear them saying mean things about her. This shattered Chintya’s confidence and self-esteem. “Not anymore. I can now read and write in English with confidence. I can even pray in English,” she beams.

The teacher gave each of them an English Bible and encouraged them to read it. Chintya exclaims, “I still remember one story about Jesus on a boat with His disciples in a lake. That story inspired me. Jesus is a great teacher and His students will never fail. I enjoy reading the  Bible daily and even memorise verses.”

Chintya is grateful for the Bible-based Literacy and the new life she has because of it. She says, “Thank you for providing the biblical resources. I have come to love Jesus and follow His Word because of your ministry to us. My grades in school have also improved because of studying God’s Word after school hours. I feel so encouraged because my friends also want to join the classes.

Pray that the Bible-based Literacy students will gain confidence as they attend each class and experiencing God’s acceptance.

* Name changed for security reasons.


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