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God is teaching me through His Word

Dalia*, a 35-year-old woman from the Middle East, grew up in a poor family in a secluded village. “Although my family embraced Christian ways, we had no knowledge of the Bible or what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus,” Dalia exclaims.

“I attended high school in my village but because education was of such a poor standard, I ultimately suffered. Children in my class could barely write their own names.”

Dalia never really felt the need to learn to read or write because she mostly lived a simple life in their mud-built home. But then her father died. “My brother told me that we needed to finish some paper work to claim an inheritance,” she recalls. “I signed the paperwork without reading it because I trusted my brother and felt he had my best interests at heart.”

I later learned that what I had signed, was a waiver for my half of the inheritance,” Dalia firmly says, “I was robbed by my only brother, and it’s all because of my illiteracy.” The little relationship Dalia had with God, deteriorated.

“I stopped going to church because I felt God betrayed me. First by letting my father die, and again when He didn’t protect me from my brother’s deception.”

Years later I received an invitation from a Christian friend to attend an Arabic Bible-based Literacy class. I just decided to go and at the very first lesson during prayer, I felt God’s presence. God called me to come back to Him,” she says with a smile.

Dalia practices her reading and writing every day. Though she still doesn’t have a relationship with her brother, she knows God can change it. She asks, “Please pray with me for my brother’s heart to be softened towards me, and for our relationship to be restored one day.”

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Pray that attendees of Bible-based Literacy in the Middle East will find renewed hope and strength as they read their Bibles.

*Name change for security reasons


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