Gregory is a 16 year old boy from a village called Tshilamba, in Venda, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

“My mother was solely responsible for raising me and my four siblings” says Gregory.  “Culturally it was unacceptable for women to work, and though my mother tried, we often went without.”

“At a young age I was diagnosed with epilepsy and even though my mom sought out the best medical attention she could afford, we were largely left to fend for ourselves.  I suffered an attack at school and awoke surrounded by my family, other students and teachers all looking at me helplessly.  I was both ashamed at my condition and angry that God would allow me to suffer.”

“I was admitted to hospital for a time and when I returned to school a pastor found me and asked if I’d like to join a Bible study class.  I told the pastor there was no reason for me to join the group, God didn’t care about me and my condition was proof of that.

“The pastor didn’t give up and continued to ask me to come. To stop him asking, I agreed to attend one class.”

“That very lesson I learnt that God had a plan for me from the time I was created.  I heard that He has a plan and a purpose for my life, that our view is very limited and so we must trust in Him. This changed my outlook on life. It took time but through the course of the study the anger I held faded and my views about God failing me completely changed.”

“On the day of graduation we were awarded a certificate and a G.O.L.D. Life Bible, my first Bible.  I was so excited.  Immediately after I received it I wrote my name in big letters on the inside.”

“My deepest appreciation goes to Bible League for thinking about us in the schools and for putting our lives on track.  To all the partners who give, thank you for making it possible for me to have my very first Bible.”