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Bibles for the Persecuted

Bibles for the Persecuted enables Christians to pray and plant Bibles among Christians who are suffering for their faith in Jesus. These persecuted believers plead; “Pray for us and please send Bibles.”

Bibles for the Persecuted is designed to be used by individuals, families, Bible study groups, youth groups or as a church community.

Bibles for the Persecuted can be held at any time by individuals, in home groups or by your church on a Sunday that suits your church calendar.

Each individual/family inserts gifts in the envelope from flyer and return to Bible League New Zealand.

Taking part in the program will help you and each church member to identify with persecuted Christians and personally provide encouragement to persecuted believers through prayer and the provision of Bibles.

Will you respond to their cry and provide them through Bibles for the Persecuted, the prayer and Bibles they so desperately need?

Click the Register link in the sidebar to receive your 7-day prayer flyers with encouraging Bible verses, inspirational stories and prayer points you can use to uphold your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.


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