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From alcoholic to evangelist

Sa and his wife Ploy struggled every day in Thailand. They practically lived at the garbage dump, collecting items from there to resell. They drank alcohol excessively and fought often.

“We lived a reckless life,” Sa says sadly. Their marriage was hurting and soon they hit rock bottom, deciding to separate. But the separation was short-lived once Sa found out his wife was pregnant. Yet, rather than feeling happy about the news, they felt helpless and didn’t know what to do.

One Christmas, they were invited to a program at a church in Ngao District. There they heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as Lord. Sa says, “We were filled with peace and happiness.”

Life began to grow easier for the couple when they quit working at the garbage piles and opened a roadside restaurant. Not long after, they had a healthy baby girl.

One day at church their pastor announced they would be holding Project Philip training. Though Sa was unsure of what to expect, he decided to go. “We are thankful to God for the training. It has helped us to serve Him and to share the Good News with customers and other people in my neighbourhood,” Sa notes.

After the training, Sa and his wife continued to share the Gospel in their community by helping with the same Christmas program where they first heard the Good News. They also share at other church outreach events. Sa explains, “We invite people in our community to choose life and to love God just like we learned during our training.”

Today, the Project Philip training and Bible studies have made a difference in Sa’s life and the lives of the people around him.

“Thank you for the resources and training,” Sa says, beaming. “They are helping us to know the Lord more.”

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Call to Prayer: Pray for Sa and his wife Ploy to see many come to know Jesus Christ as they reach their community with the Gospel message.


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