What is Bible League International?
Bible League International is a global non-profit organization that provides God’s Word to a lost and needy world. We strive
to end the global Bible Famine among persecuted Christians, Muslims, and the poor, where Scripture is hard or impossible
to get. We serve the local church and other partners around the world by providing Bibles and Scripture materials for them to
help people meet Jesus Christ. Founded in 1938, Bible League International has placed more than 160 million Bibles and
New Testaments in the hands of people in more than 80 countries around the world. Today, we are excited about the new
ways God is using Bible League to impact our world for His kingdom—Easy-to-Read™Bibles, Digital Resources, and
Literacy Outreach.

What is the Bible Famine?
Wherever in the world there are people without access to a Bible they can understand, there is Bible Famine. This includes
those who have never been introduced to Jesus through the Bible and those who know Him but don’t have Scriptures
available to help them grow in their faith. It also includes those who have Bibles they don’t use because the translation was
prepared for people with advanced reading skills or uses language that is not in common use.

How does Bible League achieve its purposes?
Bible League provides Bibles and Scripture materials to churches, ministries, and organizations who use the Bible as a key
component in evangelistic outreach, discipleship, and church planting. We partner with local, regional, and global groups to
reach the world for Christ.

How is Bible League International funded?
Bible League receives gifts from individuals, churches, foundations and other organizations who share the value that the
Bible is essential for evangelism, discipleship, and church growth. Bible League’s Global Partners in the United States, the
Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand work together to present opportunities for giving and prayer to
Christians, churches, and ministries around the world.  Bible League International New Zealand is incorporated under the
Charities Commission in New Zealand, CC48547.

What is Bible League International’s Affiliation?
Bible League is an interdenominational Christian service organisation actively supported financially and in prayer by
churches and individuals from many denominations.

How does Bible League serve persecuted Christians?
We have relationships with churches and Christian organisations in areas where Christians risk persecution for their faith.
These courageous people share our calling to bring others into relationship with Christ and into fellowship with a local body
of believers. Bible League provides Bibles and Scripture resources in appropriate formats, including Digital Bible Libraries, to
strengthen local Christians in their faith and empower their ministries in the face of persecution.

What version of the Bible does Bible League use?
The Bible is central to all ministries of Bible League. We use the Easy-to-Read™ Bible wherever it is available. Where
the Easy-to-Read™ Bible is not currently available in a particular local language group, we source Bibles from other Bible agencies.
Bible League publishes and provides Easy-to-Read™ translations of the Bible. Currently, Easy-to-Read™ Bibles and New
Testaments are available in more than 30 languages. Bible League is committed to making the Easy-to-Read™ Bible available
in the 100 most-spoken languages of the world, thereby providing access to Scripture that is easy to understand to more
than 90% of the world’s population.

Does Bible League provide training for Bible Study Leaders and Church Planters?
Bible League International does on request provide high level training of Bible study leaders and Church Planters (train the
trainer) but this is not a primary focus. Once trained by other Christian organisations and agencies, Bible League equips
Bible study Leaders and Church Planters with Bibles and Bible study resources to enable them to be effective in their

What is Project Philip Program?
‘Project Philip’ is a method of Bible placement inspired by the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8.
Trained national church members place Bibles through the ‘Project Philip’ evangelistic and discipleship Bible study program.
The Project Philip Bible studies are written to clearly explain God’s message of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.
Rather than randomly distribute Bibles, Bible League strategically places Bibles through locally trained Bible study leaders,
who know the culture and language of their people. Seekers are invited to join in a Bible study. These studies can be in a
group or on a one-on-one setting.
At the completion of the Bible study, the participants are invited to continue meeting and studying the Bible through a short
series of discipleship Bible studies.

Are donations to Bible League Tax deductable?
Unfortunately donations to Bible League International Australia are currently not tax deductable. However, businesses are
able to gain some tax advantages by supporting the ministry through a business sponsorship.
Donations to Bible League International New Zealand are tax deductible for New Zealand Purposes where donations are used
for ministry in New Zealand only.

What is the cost of a Bible?
Bible League does not just publish, sell or distribute Bibles; we strategically place Bibles through local churches and likeminded
Christian organisations. Our goal is not to flood communities with Bibles indiscriminately, but to have Bibles placed into the
hands of those who most need them through a Bible placement program. When we look at the costs involved in Bible League’s Bible
placement strategy, we need to consider the following:
As you can imagine, costs in each part of the world vary greatly and depend upon such things as the cost of sourcing a Bible
(printed by Bible League or purchasing through another publisher) and the cost of living in that country. Currently, the cost
of placing a Bible can range from $5 to $15 with a global average of around $10.