Nonjabulo was born into brokenness. Her parents decided they no longer wanted to be together and, sadly, neither of them wanted to keep their daughter. She reminded them too much of their failed marriage. Left with grandparents that were too old and a world weary to handle her pain, she found herself seeking answers from drugs, alcohol and the wrong “friends”, who were taking her away from the plan that God had for her life. All of this before she was 12 years old. Darkness surrounded her. It was into this darkness that the light of God’s Word was shone. A pastor was teaching Bible League’s Project Philip program in her school. Hearing him speak of God’s love for her and the plan that He had for her life changed the course of Nonjabulo’s life.



Jennifer Mtungwa is a sixteen-year-old girl and a grade 8 learner at Hulwazi Senior Secondary School, which is in the eastern part of Johannesburg City.

I grew up in a very warm family with my four siblings and both parents” says Jennifer. “I am the eldest of them. But things changed when I got to the age of fifteen. That’s when my dad started acting strangely.”

“The situation at home got so dangerous that my father had to be taken away to a military psychological facility. While there, my father managed to disarm one of the security guards, murdered a solider and shot another before turning the gun on himself in an attempt to take his own life.”

“I was devastated. My father had been in care for a number of months and the doctors had told us his condition was improving – and then this happened. My mom kept telling me that God’s will must prevail for His mercies endure forever. I just saw God failing us and decided I didn’t have time for Him.

“School was my escape. I could get away from the drama at home, it became my place of peace.”

“One day, a pastor preached at our assembly, sharing a message which seemed to be specifically directed at me.  Even though I didn’t, my mother completely trusted God and this pastor seemed to share her faith.  When he said that he was going to begin a class I saw it as an opportunity to find an answer to the questions which had been bothering me.”

I learnt about God and he was nothing like I had imagined. I discovered that God has a plan for my life, that He has placed people in my life to help me see a future for myself.  Through this class I was shown the right way to look at my surroundings and circumstances, to see them in such a way that I am moving forward all the time. I learned to pray more, to trust God more, and to rely on Him.”

“I would like to thank Bible League International. Thank you for understanding that we, the young people of South Africa, our communities and the entire country can take a complete turnaround because of the Word of God. Our lives are bound to be renewed, our minds are bound to be transformed, and our behaviours are bound to be changed. Thank you, Bible League. We love you.”



Gregory Mathebula is a 16 year old boy from a village called Tshilamba, in Venda, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

“My mother was solely responsible for raising me and my four siblings” says Gregory.  “Culturally it was unacceptable for women to work, and though my mother tried, we often went without.”

“At a young age I was diagnosed with epilepsy and even though my mom sought out the best medical attention she could afford, we were largely left to fend for ourselves.  I suffered an attack at school and awoke surrounded by my family, other students and teachers all looking at me helplessly.  I was both ashamed at my condition and angry that God would allow me to suffer.”

“I was admitted to hospital for a time and when I returned to school a pastor found me and asked if I’d like to join a Bible study class.  I told the pastor there was no reason for me to join the group, God didn’t care about me and my condition was proof of that.

“The pastor didn’t give up and continued to ask me to come. To stop him asking, I agreed to attend one class.”

“That very lesson I learnt that God had a plan for me from the time I was created.  I heard that He has a plan and a purpose for my life, that our view is very limited and so we must trust in Him. This changed my outlook on life. It took time but through the course of the study the anger I held faded and my views about God failing me completely changed.”

“On the day of graduation we were awarded a certificate and a G.O.L.D. Life Bible, my first Bible.  I was so excited.  Immediately after I received it I wrote my name in big letters on the inside.”

“My deepest appreciation goes to Bible League for thinking about us in the schools and for putting our lives on track.  To all the partners who give, thank you for making it possible for me to have my very first Bible.”




“My name is Sarah Maleke, a 15 years old grade 8 learner at Daveyton High School, in Daveyton, a township situated in the eastern part of Johannesburg, South Africa.”

I was orphaned when I was seven years old” recalls Sarah. “My parents had been on the road travelling and were involved in a terrible accident. For a long time I had nowhere to go and I ended up staying wherever I could find a place to sleep. Sometimes on the street, other times with strangers kind enough to take me in.  Eventually, after about a year, my aunt found me and took me into her home.”

“I was lost, having no plans for my future, I began to do only the things which made me feel good. I began hanging out with friends that were a bad influence and it came to a point I was nearly expelled from school.”

“One day a pastor came to our school and I noticed something different about him. Usually I ignored the pastors who came in because they were so boring! This one talked about God in a way I had never heard and after he finished we were invited to attend a program called G.O.L.D LIFE. ”

I was hooked from the first lesson. This class completely changed my perspective of God. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and made a decision to walk in the plan God has for my life.”

“Ever since I completed the program, my schooling has improved, my relationship with my aunt is better and I have begun attending the church of this pastor.  I thank Bible League for making it possible for my pastor to run this program in our school.”




Legeo Mashego is a nineteen-year-old girl and a grade 12 learner at Letsatsing Combined School, which is situated in the western part of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa.

“I didn’t always live in the city” says Legeo. I was born in a small province about 400 kilometres away from Johannesburg.  My parents were kind and loving and I had every opportunity to excel.  We moved to the city because my parents found better work and when we moved, everything changed for me.”

The new friends I made got me involved in many bad habits like smoking, drinking and skipping school just to name a few.  The people that were trying to talk me out of this lifestyle, particularly my parents and teachers, became my worst enemies.”

“I overdosed at school and was taken to hospital.  While I was there, none of the friends I thought I had, came to visit.  The only people I saw everyday were my parents, my teachers and even my principal came once.”

“I knew something had to change so when I went back to school and was invited to join a Bible study group, I did so without hesitation. One of the first lessons was about how we always want to live in the fast lane, going our own way without thinking of what God wants us to do.  The more we read the book, the more I felt like these words had been written and directed to me personally.”

“On the day of the graduation, when we received our certificates and Bibles, I got quite emotional thinking of the life that God had saved me from. I will never forget that day, for that was the day I received the assurance of new life.”

“I truly believe that if it was not for the Bible League program I would not have been transformed. My sincere appreciation goes to the writers of the booklets and the donors who make the running of this program possible.”



“My name is Patrick Mutari, an eighteen-year-old boy in grade 11, residing in an area called Daveyton, which is situated in the eastern part of our major city, Johannesburg. I am in a school called Davey Secondary School.”

“I am the oldest of four; we grew up almost on our own” says Patrick. “My mother was the only parent we knew and she was away for long periods of time for work.  We were fortunate if we could see her once a month.”

We lived in a squatter camp where there was no proper sanitation, no electricity, no clean water and, really, no law. Many of the men that lived in our area had no jobs and spent their time terrorising our community by preying on young girls, forcing students to be drug runners and stealing.”

Just to survive I decided I had to be worse than the ones who were threatening me and my family. I began taking what I wanted and fighting anyone who would get in my way until people began to fear me. Until one night a crowd gathered outside my house, screaming for me to come out. I gathered my siblings and tried to escape out the back but they found us.  My siblings were allowed to go but the crowd gathered around me and beat me with whatever they had.”

“When I awoke in hospital there was no mercy to be found. I was discharged only to be sentenced to prison for two years.  During this time my mother only came to see me twice.  She was my only visitor.”

“When I had the opportunity to go to school it was difficult and because of my past no principal wanted to accept me.  Finally I was able to enrol in a school that was more than 50 kilometres away. The principal, a Christian, announced that they would be running a Bible study program and encouraged us to take part. I wasn’t initially interested but my friends were going and because I didn’t want to be alone, I went along with them.”

“I had my doubts at first but as we went through the book I learnt a lot.  What really struck me was that it was my responsibility to make peace with everyone and so I began. It wasn’t easy but beginning from my family and through to all the people I had negatively affected, I did my best to make peace.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank Bible League for bringing light into our schools and our communities. I wish to encourage all the donors who have made this program possible – your gifts are changing lives.  The Word of God is exactly what our nation needs.”



David Makhubela is a Grade 11 learner at Letsatsing High School in the western part of Johannesburg, South Africa.

“My parents left me to be raised by my grandmother who did her best to give me a good upbringing” he says. “I was angry that my parents had left me, angry that my brothers and sisters had been taken away from me.  I took out this anger on my grandmother, demanding that she buys me things I knew she couldn’t afford.”

“One day on the way home from school I was offered a job by a local businessman.  When I began working in his shop though I noticed something wasn’t right. I discovered that my boss was using his place of business to sell drugs. He eventually asked me to be a “runner,” a person who delivers the drugs and picks up the payment. The pay he offered was good so I accepted.”

“On one of these collection missions I was ambushed by three men. They beat me severely.”

When I woke I was in hospital where I would stay for a long time. My left leg had been severely damaged and when I first arrived the doctors had debated on whether or not to amputate. What hurt most in the time I was here though was my grandmother didn’t come once to visit. I had damaged our relationship to breaking point. Even when I returned home she showed no compassion, only telling me ‘I hope you learnt your lesson.'”

“Back at school I heard a pastor mention they were going to be running a program called G.O.L.D. Life and I knew I had to take part. Throughout the course I learned of the God who created me specially, that I was completely accepted by Him and had been created to live for Him. The day we graduated and I received my Bible was very joyous for me.”

“I began attending my local church and my grandmother chose to come along with me. We have just begun this journey but I know that God will continue to bring us together.”

“I am honoured and deeply moved by the change and the impact that this Bible League Program has brought into my life.”