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You’re equipping persecuted believers to spread the Gospel

Pastor Somchai* was a Buddhist Priest before his sister patiently shared the love of Christ with him. Since becoming a Christian, he has faced verbal and social persecution from some of his relatives and neighbours while other members of his family deny his existence. Despite this persecution, he has held onto his faith.

Through his studies at Seminary, Pastor Somchai was introduced to Bible League.

“I attended the Project Philip Training and learned how to fulfill my ministry through teaching. I, along with other leaders of my church, went to attend the said Project Philip Training. We gained so much knowledge that equipped us on how to spread God’s Word more effectively. In the past, our church only had materials for Evangelism. But with Bible League, we now also have the tools for Discipleship. Things could only change for the better from there. Before, only my wife and I did ministry work for our church. But now, more and more church members are attending the Project Philip Training, all genuinely inspired to be more equipped in the ministry.”

“I currently have a ministry in the mountains among two tribes that don’t speak Thai language. But I thank God that I could somehow understand them. Despite the language barrier, we still manage to communicate and study the Word of God together. This is why I believe that the Word of God can be taught far and wide.

“My vision is for more of our members to come and join the Project Philip Training. If there are more able workers for Christ, we can spread the Gospel to a wider area.”

Please pray for Pastor Somchai and his ministry; for his Mountains Ministry radio station to be re-opened so that he can continue to share Project Philip on air; that he can engage with the farmers in the area despite their busy daily schedule and that they can build a new church building to welcome all people.

Your contribution to Bible League supports pastors like Pastor Somchai, as they share the Gospel with their communities.

Please pray for Pastor Somchai and the ministry that he has in the mountains, and his aim of sharing Project Philip over the radio.

* name changed for security purposes


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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