Sarah started teaching in Sunday School when she was 10 years old and shares: “My parents are first generation pastors in this city, they are pastoring a church in a village about 10km from here. During the early days before the war, Christianity was shared freely in this part of the country, some churches were built and many people started going to church. This was the time when my mom asked me to help in teaching the children’s Sunday class. I inherited the passion of teaching and pastoring from my parents. I have been teaching since then and now I oversee three ministries in mountainous areas in South Vietnam.

“I like to teach and share the Gospel with non-believers. I believe that only God will change our life. A few weeks ago, on my way home, I asked the Lord ‘what can I do to help the youth in Vietnam?’ I prayed for God’s lead. Praise the Lord, God has answered my prayer, I heard about the Bible-based Literacy training in my city. I was excited after hearing from Pastor Manh, Bible League’s Co-ordinator, that the teaching method is ‘teaching English using the Bible’. I have never heard about this before and I think this is the best method for the church to reach the community. By offering English lessons we can have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them,” says Sarah.

Our youth are generally very weak in English, this Bible-based Literacy will attract them and help them to improve their English. For sure, this will impact their life in a different manner. I am happy and I would like to start these English lessons immediately after I complete the training. I want to teach them, bring them to Christ and grow them to be a good youth for the country, this is always my prayer for the country.”

“In Vietnam, there are big numbers of young people and students who are interested in learning to speak English. Vietnam’s Government has also made plans to encourage officials and pupils, as well as students, to speak English. Knowledge of English is giving them the edge and advantages for job opportunities, better career prospects and better chance to proceed with further higher education”.

Sarah has three sons, two of them are full-time pastors. She also plans to share the Bible-based Literacy program with her sons and trusts that God will bless this program in South Vietnam. “The Bible-based Literacy program will help change the bad perception of the older generation that Christianity is a bad western religion that wanted to influence their youth. In fact, Bible-based Literacy will bring positive life-changes to many people, particularly the youth. Knowledge of English will bring better job opportunity and better job advancements for our youth.”

Your gift today will help train young people who may end up being influences for the future in Vietnam. Give Bibles today.


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