Sean, is a member of Bible League’s Thai Bible translation team and a missionary in Thailand. He shares how Bible League’s Easy-to-ReadTM version of the Bible in Thai (released in 2016) is impacting ministry in local churches:

“You never know who God will use. Noraseth (nicknamed Poo) recently retired from the hotel management industry. He now generates an income by renting out property and has an organic lime orchard. His ex-wife told him he should learn about Jesus. He actually listened to her advice, but with less than 1% of Thai people being Christian, it wasn’t easy to find someone who could explain more about Jesus. Eventually he managed to talk to one of the few Christians he knew, an American neighbour. The neighbour is a Bible League partner and after explaining the basics of Christianity and leading him in the Salvation Prayer, he gave him an Easy-to-ReadTM Thai Bible, on the understanding that he would read it. Poo did just that, starting from Genesis, he finished reading it in less than 4 months.”

“Later he came back and told his American friend that it was ‘the best book in the whole world.’ He has been going to church for about four months and was baptised two months ago. When I met him last week, he said he had tried to read the version that was available at his church, but that it was hard to understand. He asked about getting more ERV Bibles. When I told him they weren’t yet available at the Christian Book store, he threatened to rob the warehouse where they are stored. (I didn’t tell him the location.) I know he won’t steal any Bibles, but it emphasises just how great this version is for new Christians to understand!” Clarifies Sean.

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