Kijury is 18 and lives in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Last year, Pastor Ruby shared the Gospel with her through a Bible study cell group. In the group, Pastor Ruby shared the book “How to Please God“.

“I learned about Christianity and I was given a Tamil Bible to read. This is the first time in my life I have a Bible to read, thank you Bible League. I praise the Lord, after a few lessons in the Bible study, Pastor Ruby challenge us to believe in Jesus Christ as we are sinners and Jesus died for us. I accepted Jesus,” shared Kijury. “Subsequently, my whole family, all six of them, came to the cell group and accepted Christ too. Today, we attend the Sunday Service together. Praise the Lord.” Said Kijury.

“God has since blessed our family very much. I have completed my ‘O’ level examination. I did well in the exam with 5 ‘A’s and 3 ‘B’s. Next year, my sister will prepare for her ‘O’ level exam, I believe she will do well too with the help of our God. My father’s business has also improved, we were blessed with a new house last year and our father also bought us 2 bicycles to cycle to school.” Smiled Kijury.

“I would like to thank Bible League for providing us Tamil Bibles and Project Philip study resources. They are very good biblical resources which lead us to believing in Jesus Christ and also bringing change to our life.” Said Kijury.

Today in Jaffna, there are 10 cell groups using Project Philip resources. They are led by Pastor Ruby and her 4 assistants. Pastor Ruby is a Church Planter graduate who completed her training in 18 months and graduated in September 2016.

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