Pastor Xipu is a tall and lean elderly man who is struggling to free his people from a myriad of spiritual pitfalls, he shares:

“There was a sangoma, a very big witch doctor, in the area of our church. Now the child of this guy came to our church. We always pray with the children that they may receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. After that first Bible lesson using Project Philip resources, the kid went home and his father realised that he couldn’t use his powers anymore!”

“So he went to other sangomas and asked them what was wrong. They told him a light had come into his house that was dimming everything he was doing. The father wondered what light they were talking about.”

“Now remember that this child was only four years old and he was not telling anybody about what had happened, that he had received Jesus Christ! The sangomas told the father that his child must die; then he’d be able to operate again. You know, sangomas are known to do such rituals; they sacrifice their children, their wives, to keep their powers. So this man said ‘now I’ve got to kill my child – what must I do?’.”

“He looked at his child and said to himself: ‘this child is not fighting, he doesn’t know the drama around him. It means that my child is more powerful than me. Even if I kill him there is one thing I know: that my child is more powerful than me. I want to operate with the witchdoctor gods, but now my child has a God that is more powerful than all those that I have’.”

“’This little boy, doing nothing special, has neutralised everything that I do. That means that, even if my child is dead, I know that there is a bigger power!’ Then the father concluded for himself ‘I’d rather follow my child and leave my sangoma practice behind.’ Today both the Sangoma and his son are part of Pastor Xipu’s congregation.”

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