At 74, many elders around us may have already retired, some may not be so mobile. But Pastor Mario, a faithful servant of God, continues to be active and serve. He is a Church Planter Training graduate and has been serving God by focusing on the tribal people in the mountain area.

“God gave me the burden and mission to bring the tribal people to Christ, as long as God wants to use me, I will serve Him,” shares Pastor Mario.

He has three assistants who help him in Bible-based Literacy for the tribe called “Aeta” in a village about 360km southeast of Manila, Philippines.

“The Aeta tribe is one of the tribal people who still live in the mountain area. It is our government’s aim to ‘civilise’ them but they are having difficulties in socialising with the locals.” Says Anton, one of the assistants. “However, with the literacy classes that we have conducted weekly, the situation has improved. In our literacy class, the Aeta’s children have the opportunity to study together with other local children. They are friends now and I am so happy and praise the Lord for seeing this happening. This is the most rewarding moment of my life,” shares Anton.

We are also happy to see the improvement in school results among them. This has built their confidence in learning and socialising with the locals.”

There are eight households in this village, all of them are farmers. With a better education, we pray that their next generation will have a better future. Pastor Mario and his team facilitate Bible-based Literacy classes every Thursday from 6-9pm.

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