Every afternoon heavy rains flood the roads and create mud tracks across the village of Tuy, about 100km south of Manila, in the Philippines. This is the rainy season and maybe that’s why the mud and rain don’t stop dozens of children from gathering at a small shelter that doubles as their classroom. It has just one wall, but the roof overhead keeps them dry as they are learning to read and write using God’s Word.

Bible-based Literacy is an important lifeline for this village. With little formal education available, the children and their families see this is their only chance to learn. And the instructor knows this is a great way to reach the village with God’s Word.

Jane, the instructor nurtures the children with praise, “Very good,” is her favourite compliment and it makes the children grin with delight. Jane is a recent graduate of Church Planter Training and she has been asking God for this opportunity. “I prayed to God for a new village where we could launch a new church,” she says, “and as long as God wants to use me, I am here to serve God.”

Jane makes the two hour trek to this village often and knows the dozens of children by name and their families too. “One of my friends told me about this village that does not have a church,” she recalls, “and God led me here and keeps me coming back.”

“I started by going door-to-door to invite children to the Bible-based Literacy class, but I didn’t know where we’d meet. Then the one Christian family I’ve met here offered this shelter. And today it also serves as our church,” she says grinning as she looks around at a cinderblock wall and the tin roof overhead.

At first there were 10 children, and they brought their friends, and then some families joined us, so today there are 50 or 60 children in the class,” Jane says. “God has blessed us so far, and now we will see what God will do with this new church.”


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.