Segundo is a Bible League Church Planter Training student in Peru. Referred to as the second brother from birth, Segundo shares his testimony, “Before I knew the Lord, I had no stomach for evangelists, because I believed the religion they brought with them caused the ruin of many ancient customs of my Aucayo community. Also, I earned a living by smuggling, and this activity was not looked upon favourably by them. To add to that, I was an alcoholic, and I often mocked evangelists and religious people when I was drunk. I remember that I made the lives of many Christians completely miserable with my bad and aggressive behaviour. To be very honest, my situation was very sad, and not only for me, but also for my family.”

Today, the second brother is taking serious the challenge to form a new church, and will use his home as a basis to build a church. “I believe that salvation comes first to one home and then it moves from the home into the community,” he says.  “I believe this is the best method for the work of church planting to continue advancing in these communities.” Segundo is very pleased that so many friends and neighbours are participating in the process, and there is an opportunity for Bible League’s resources and training to be supplied from his house.

I remember when I was in very bad health. I had a disease that our doctors could not diagnose. My health was getting worse every day and I was in fear for my life,” he describes. “In that circumstance, some believers came to my house, and shared the Gospel with me and prayed over me and I accepted Jesus in my heart that day. From that moment, I received the healing of my body. The true God did a tremendous miracle in my body and I am very happy to serve Him now with all my heart. I want many more to know Jesus as their Lord, their Saviour, and their Healer.”

“Now that Bible League has come to my community in Sargento Lores of the Amazon, I am very happy because my life is changing even more. Bible League have challenged us to plant many more churches in the community. My life and my ministry have been enriched with the teachings and resources that they provide us at no charge. I thank the Lord for this ministry that has reached this place so far from the rest of Peru. I am praying for Bible League, that God will use us to place His Word strategically, so that many more lives will be changed and we will all see the transformation of many communities.”

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