Pastor Rai completed his Church Planter Training in 2016. Since then, he has pastoring a Church about 40km from Kathmandu.

“I am so thankful to Bible League for the ministry resources and Bibles that we have received. I have been praying continuously for Bible League’s ministry to continue to bless the whole country. Without the Bible study resources and Nepali Bibles, our Church will not have the opportunity to grow. Our members and new friends are too poor to afford these Bible study resources themselves. Without the Bible and resources, we will not learn about God’s Words and without God’s Word, we will not know God and his salvation.”

“A member of my Bible study group, Pujan, age 18, accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour during the Bible study session. That was one year ago and after Pujan accepted Jesus, his family and relatives were very angry and stopped him from going to church. He stopped coming to the church for a few months.”

“A few months later, after visitations and encouragement he comes to church again. This time he comes with his sister Puja, who is14 years old. Puja also accepted Jesus after a few lessons using the Project Philip booklets. Both of them are now in the Bible study group, participating regularly in church fellowship and serving God in Church.”

After becoming a Christian, Pujan progresses well in his study and has changed to a good behaviour person. He helps his mother with housework and his sister in her study. His mother was impressed with his changes. Pujan continues to share God’s Word with his mother. She started to come to church though has yet to accept Christ. His father has a small business in Kathmandu. Both his parents are coming to Church when his father comes back home during weekends. Pujan shared with us that he has faith that one day in the future his parents will accept Christ too. We are hopeful and praying for him also. We see everything is possible with God, He lives in our community. Praise the Lord!”

The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.