Oscar lives in Male, Mexico and shares, “My testimony is not the most impressive I’ve heard in my church, but I definitely know Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I’ve never stolen or killed anyone, but when I was young, I began to drink and smoke. At that time, I thought it was not so bad because it was a common practice among kids my age.”

“We all need Jesus Christ in our lives. Even though I thought I had enough goodness in me to live without anyone’s help, I never could. I had been walking through life without a purpose, like walking into a deep pit and just going in circles, trying to find a way out.”

“I grew up in a normal home with my parents and my two sisters. However, our childhood was filled with so much poverty and spiritual emptiness. My parents spent their days going to the pawnshop trying to borrow money to eat. That was our life. Nothing I did seemed to have any purpose. How could I live like this?”

“My parents got a divorce and I thought it did not affect me as much as it actually did. To be honest, when I looked at most of my colleagues, all of them came from broken families. My first thoughts were, ‘Two houses! Great!’.”

“One day, Pastor John invited me to a group that was studying the Bible. I met him while he was connecting cables near my house. That was his job. But, when I observed him at a deeper level, I noticed there was something different about him. Something made him stand out from most people his age, it was the way things were between him and his wife. There was no shouting, no violence. I thought, ‘This is sure something strange.’ So, I agreed to meet with them for Bible study because of that. I had the attitude that everyone was crazy and messed up and that I had nothing to lose and maybe they had something for me.”

“He gave me a book called the Gospel of John, and together, in the study, we began answering the questions. I found a verse where the Lord Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy but I am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10. ‘What life? If I have it,’ I said to myself. Really? After much soul searching, I found that not living in the zombie state that I was living in had to be the best choice. I was done living for myself alone. I needed to live for others and to live for Christ. It was there that I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and only Saviour.”

“Since that day, I have found that Jesus Christ is the only source of real happiness. He alone is the One who gives fullness of life. We all need His forgiveness and that life that only He offers. Those verses from the Gospel of John gave destination, security, and purpose to my life.”

“To all of the great brothers and sisters in Bible League, I want to say ‘Thank you!’ for this effort to bring the Gospel to everyone through Project Philip. It reached me, the great sinner.”

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