Mr Velo is a 74-year-old widower and has four children. They live in a village in Tsaravinany District in Madagascar’s eastern Mahanoro region.

“In the family where I grew up we were used traditional beliefs like idolatry and ancestral worship. I was facing a difficult thing as I was ill for almost twenty years, suffering from a bad kind of shortness of breath. Due to that, I was confined to my bed. In order to be cured and have good health again, I sacrificed fourteen bulls for my ancestors and also $453 dollars in cash. Unfortunately, it was just in vain and a waste of money and time, because instead my health was getting worse and worse.”

Because of that I was in so much trouble that I really got lost and didn’t know what to do anymore, until the day when an evangelist came to our village in order to pray for sick people and also to share God’s Word. When I heard about him, I wanted to attend the meeting but I couldn’t because I wasn’t able to get out of my bed. So, I asked one of my children to bring the evangelist to my house. It was the first time ever for me to know about Jesus. But the miracle happened right away: I received healing through God. Since then I decided to take part in the Project Philip Bible study, because I realised that it was the Word in that Bible that healed me.”

“During the Bible studies, I listened closely to the Word of God and tried to obey the Word of God. As soon as I received Jesus, I decided to leave all kinds of idolatry that I did and instead I chose to follow Jesus. The first thing I received through God’s Word is full health, but God keeps on changing me. I’m very enthusiastic about following Jesus and studying God’s Word!

“Studying the Project Philip booklet and the Bible I received from Bible League really is helping me to change and to give up on all of my former beliefs. I’m becoming a new person and my life is changing thanks to God. Therefore, I say: what Bible League has done is good and gives benefits to the followers of Jesus, because the Bible study is given to people freely and without expecting anything in return. This is real sacrifice, people giving so that we can learn about God. I’m so thankful. Glory to God!”


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.