35-year-old, Esaie was born in the town of Torbeck, Southwest Haiti, which has approximately 69,000 inhabitants and is heavily dependent on agriculture of corn, rice, black beans, and millet. Ambitious, Esaie knew that he did not want to depend on agriculture, and for him, the slow pace of life from his home town did not resemble success. Thus, he left Torbeck and headed to Port-au-Prince, the capital of the country, where around 2,600,000 people make up the metropolitan area.

As an orphan child, Esaie did not have any religious roots or strong personal influences. Thus, ambition for worldly success became his guide. He is one of the few Haitians that achieved a college degree. However, the same ambition that made him part of a select group of college graduates in Haiti was also what drove him to a life of shame and no morality.

“I used to smoke and often use drugs,” said Esaie. When working as a security guard for a known Haitian musical group, Esaie believes, he reached his worst. “They would send me to do all sorts of odd things for them. Things that I cannot even mention! And of course, they smoked and gave me drugs too.” With a thick tone of regret, he added, “One of my brothers would constantly tell me to quit, but I did not want to listen.”

Unfulfilled and tired, he realised it was time to give God a shot after denying hearing about him numerous times. “My cousin, who is a pastor, talked to me about Christ and presented him as a source of strength to me. I needed that! So, I decided to receive Jesus finally! “My goal became evangelising those people who used to smoke and use drugs with me, and also the ones who sent me to do evil things.” Esaie paused for a second in a moment of deep reflection, and after a few seconds he continued, “I hope that the Lord will use me to reach those people for him.” Esaie attended Project Philip training that immediately influenced his faith and spirit of discipleship. “The training was amazing, and the Bible League resources that I received gave me the will and confidence that I needed to do everything that I can for the kingdom of God!”

Remembrance of the Project Philip training brought back emotions from the experience to Esaie. Smiling, he said, “I was very excited. I could not contain the urge to help others for God, so I got up and started distributing water to the brothers and sisters attending the event.”

The new and determined Esaie closed our conversation with gratitude and a beautiful request, he said, “Thank you for helping me! Please, pray that I can be free from my old habits and be the best that I can be for the Lord.”

Thank you for helping Esaie. Thank you for helping the lost. Thank you for helping Haiti.  Transform lives in Haiti by providing Bibles and biblical resources today.


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