As you travel north from Accra, the Capital of Ghana, you become increasingly aware of how much more the Muslim faith has taken hold in the northern part of the country.

Gradually, the mosques, which were no more than a house with a turret in Accra, become these huge multi-storey buildings occupying entire blocks of land in the Northern Region. But it is in this setting, some 850km drive north of Accra and about 70km south of the Burkina Faso border that you find the region called Walewale. Taking a dirt road east you head into an area which is reported to be 86% Muslim. It is here that you meet Paulina, a Church Planter trained by Bible League.

Paulina, a young lady in her early 20’s, is part of the first group of 16 Church Planters to be trained in Ghana. Having completed the program, she felt the Holy Spirit leading her to plant a church in this remote area where no church has existed before. The community of around 9,000 has a substantial mosque and because of the proliferation of the Muslim faith, the locals had outgrown their mosque and had started to build a new, bigger mosque. But the building work has been halted, because the Muslims have heard that there is a “new faith” in their village, being Christianity. Not only is it an alternative to their traditional, ritualistic Muslim faith, but early reports from converts are testifying that they have received healing and forgiveness and love and new life in Jesus!

Whilst those who have left the mosque have been ostracised and cast out of their Muslim families, increasing numbers are finding acceptance in Paulina’s church, which has no building, but meets under the shade of a huge Dawadawa tree. Paulina’s newly formed church, which already has 46 members, 18 of which have been baptised at the nearby water well, holds services twice a week, in addition to numerous Bible studies held in local homes. When asked what she is going to call her church, Paulina just shrugs her shoulders and says: “In Matthew 16 verse 18 Christ says He will build His Church, I am just here to be His hands and feet, but the Church belongs to Him and so I believe the Holy Spirit will give His Church a name.” Listening to the conversations at the water well as the women draw water for their daily needs, it is evident that the new church has caused quite a stir in the village. They comment that Paulina is very brave, but they fear that she could be at the receiving end of some persecution. As the midday sun reaches its peak in the sky, a middle-aged man with a long-suffering disease, causing severe swelling and pain in his foot and leg, stumbles from his hut to the church.  He has heard that the Christian God can heal. In all his years as a Muslim, he has never felt any connection to a god, let alone known one that could heal.  Paulina is supported by an apostle and another Church Planter and they begin to explain about God and Salvation and the man starts to weep as he realises for the first time in his life that he can believe in a God who cares for him, who loves him and can heal him. They pray with him and he accepts Christ as his Saviour!

As the dust settles from the herd of goats being led to pasture, the vibrant songs of praise ring out across the plains of Northern Ghana, God is on the move!

Many church members lack biblical teaching in Ghana. Your gift will resource Church Planters with Bibles as they reach out to their new congregations. Give today and grow the church in Ghana.


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