God is on the move in China. The church has undergone incredible growth in recent years which has caused an increasing uneasiness among the Chinese authorities. But, even though it is not easy to share the Good News of Christ amongst this massive nation, God is opening many unexpected doors, particularly in Bible-based Literacy.

“Thank God for giving me this opportunity to learn English. I had started learning English since primary school but dropped out due to the poor English program in my school. Today, I still cannot read and write English. I have been very upset that I have not been able to learn English. I am excited to learn that my church has organised the English class using Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy program. We had started the class a few weeks ago and it is progressing well. We have a very dedicated teacher who commits herself to teach us English every week,” says a student in the literacy class.

“The teacher is very patient in her teaching. She teaches us step by step following the program. It is a very good English program that we manage to follow the lesson well. I have also learnt to build up a better and closer relationship with God. I have started to read an English Bible. It is so much fun to learn English from the Bible. The English fellowship also brings a better relationship between brothers and sisters in Church.”

Encourage those who desire to learn English China by donating today and providing biblical resources required to learn English and hear about Jesus.