A seminary may seem like an unlikely place to teach Bible-based Literacy, but our partners in China realise that because of the low number of pastors available in churches throughout China, it may be a valuable skill to have in order to educate the nation with English and the gospel. The ratio of 1 pastor to 19 churches means that each of the seminary graduates will not only get to share the gospel with a keen and waiting congregation, but they will be highly in demand in terms of their skills and ability to teach Bible-based Literacy too.

One student, Meili *, proposed to the Chairman of her Seminary that they introduce Bible-based Literacy. The school has a zero percent English component and students were literally unable to understand or communicate at all in English. But by the time the students have reached their second year of their studies however, they are now fully able to converse in English.

And they were so keen to learn, that the class had a 100% pass rate! What’s more, is they are being trained to facilitate the Bible-based Literacy courses too. This means that not only will they be able to take the Word of God out to many people and churches who are desperately waiting to hear it, but they will also be able to teach literacy to any students who come to their churches interested in learning.

Give today knowing every $15 you give will provide a Chinese seeker or new believer with a Bible and Project Philip or Bible-based Literacy resource in their heart language.

*(name changed for security purposes)

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