Naira, a 69-year-old widow from Yerevan in Armenia tells how she grew up in a Communist family. “My father was a very strong Communist and a member of the Communist Party. I was born during World War II. I had a good childhood. But in my family it was forbidden to speak about God. So I did not know anything about God.”

“I finished school as an excellent student and went on to University. I also became a member of the Communist Party. But I always had questions inside about church, God, death. But I was afraid to pose these questions to anyone. I thought that a good Communist had no right even to think about religious things.”

“Then I met with a boy who also was a Communist and married with him. It seemed we were a happy family. I had two sons. But years later my husband died and life lost its meaning for me. For me it was very difficult to imagine the life without my husband. Then I started thinking about death again. I felt something empty in my life but I could not understand.”

“Years later my elder son married. He had a nice daughter and it seemed life came to my heart again, but really it was for a short time. Soon my son and his wife did not understand each other anymore and they divorced. And my daughter-in-law took my granddaughter and it is forbidden even now for me to have contact with my granddaughter. It was also a great pain for me. I lost all my hope for the future and life became boring for me.”

“Once I visited one of my old friends. I hadn’t seen her for a long time. She told me that she was participating in English language classes. I could not believe her and I laughed at her. I could not believe that at her age she really was a student. But she was serious and suggested me also to visit the class and see what was going on. But I thought that at my age it was not possible to learn anything. Later however, I called her and asked her to take me with her to the English Group.”

“We went together to the English Language class. The teacher gave me two books – a Firm Foundations Reader and Workbook. He explained to me that the program is different because it has Bible topics in it. At first I was very nervous. But I did not want to offend my teacher. But then I understood that those Bible topics were in the books.”

I loved the classes. We have open lessons and interesting discussions. One topic was about the existence of God. I so wanted to hear about it, but I never showed my feelings. I felt that deep in my heart I had a hunger for God. Our teacher told us about God, that the Bible is the Word of the living God. He told us that Christ is a living God and if we ask Him, He can come into our lives and change them.”

“Back home, when I went to bed, for the first time in my life I started to pray to God in my own words. Tears came to my eyes although I could not really understand why I cried. For the first time in my life I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life and change it, because it was so boring for me. I slept during crying and prayer. The next morning when I woke up, it seemed life was different for me. I felt a special peace in my heart. I felt love inside. I went to classes again and that day the teacher brought us ERV English Bibles. It was amazing that he told us that these ERV Bibles were for us. Now for the first time in my life I had my own Bible and even in English language. I was so glad. I started to read the Bible regularly and then, when I had questions or found unknown words, I asked my teacher.”

“Eventually I decided to visit the Church also, because some of my classmates went there. Now I can say that really God changed my life. I have joy and peace in my heart. I am a very happy woman. I am involved in a sisters Christian group. I regularly visit also the Bible Study group in English. I am very active there and I want to be helpful to our leader with my prayers.”

“Let me say that I am very, very thankful to the Bible League Armenia. For they care for us in a special way. Thanks a lot to Bible League for all literature and Bibles that they gave and give us freely. Let God bless all the Bible League team and servants and keep their lives.”

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