“My name is Megi, we are Gypsies and our family follows Muslim traditions. In our house, my parents have practiced the Muslim religion but I did not like it at all because I have seen too much violence in their relationship. I was just a little girl and I saw my parents arguing with each other even over very small things. My father was exercising violence on my mother until there came a moment that they got divorced. This divorce hurt all of us, not only because I remained without the love of my father, but also because we were poor as my father was the only in our family who worked.”

“My mother began to become both father and mother to me. She worked longer hours to ensure some income just to provide for our daily bread. I was only 12 years old at that time and I said to myself there must be someone to help us. I began to pray to God in the way I was taught through the Muslim religion. But I did not receive any response.”

“One day my cousin, who had started to go to a Church, invited me to her home because there were some children gathered for studying a series of books called ‘5 Friends’ (a Bible League Albania Project Philip program). I went there and was surprised because those who led the meeting welcomed me with so much love and they didn’t ask us to do anything, but just to open our hearts to the Lord. They taught us about the unconditional love of God. Wearing long dresses or washing your hands and feet and all those things we had to do according to Muslim religious rites doesn’t say anything at all about true faith. I began to study the books even when I went home and I liked a lot. In the end of these studies they gave me a Children’s Bible.”

The more I read, the more I was convinced and I experienced God’s love in my heart. I was released from all the fears that I had because of my parents’ divorce. Then I spoke with my grandmother and my mum and they began to come to the church with me and so peace began to reign in our family. Every afternoon we have a time together with my mum and grandmother and we read the Bible and then prayed. My grandmother and mum sell second hands clothes on the market. Since the day we began to believe the Word of God, we are blessed not only spiritually but God has blessed their work too!”

My desire is to preach Jesus to my friends. It is a little difficult but I am convinced that with the help of Jesus they will turn to Him. I thank God for the Bible League, for the books and Bibles that they gave us so that we can share God with other people too. God bless you, with much love!”

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