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Drug Dealer finds Christ with your Help

Seb* is a 43‐year‐old man from the Middle East. God’s Word is transforming his life through the Bible‐based Literacy program you help make possible. Seb explains…

“I started using drugs in my early teenage years and started my own drug trade. I’ve done this for over 20 years until I got arrested and spent a couple of years in prison. The day after I was released, I was back selling and taking drugs.

“Drugs formed my personality – it gave me an identity, not just a high.

“One day, I hit rock bottom. I started the 12-steps rehab program but I wasn’t able to keep up because of my illiteracy. So, I joined a Bible-based Literacy class. That was my first opportunity to get a real education.

“More importantly, I started praying for the first time. I asked God for forgiveness and repented from my past. I was given a different identity. I felt new!

“Through the Bible-based Literacy lessons, I discovered God, or rather, He discovered me. He is so good! When I get out of rehab, I will tell everyone how He changed my life. Please pray I will find a job and not return to my past. Thank you!”

* Names changed

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