Standing Strong Amidst Opposition

Efrem comes from a strict background in Ethiopia. “My parents were very much opposed to evangelicals,” he says.

Efrem’s older sister was tormented by an evil spirit. Her suffering only ended when a Christian pastor came to their home and prayed over her. She was healed and immediately decided to follow Jesus. After the miraculous healing, Efrem’s parents had a change of heart toward Christians. “They began to think positively about being followers of Christ,” he says.

When Efrem’s sister took him to an evangelical church, the biblical preaching touched the young man’s heart. “The Word of God convicted me,” he recalls, “and I wanted to know more about it.” A few months later, Efrem received Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.

Meanwhile, Efrem had enrolled at the Ambo University in West Shewa, where Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study was running. “Our students' fellowship coordinator encouraged me to participate in the Bible study program,” Efrem continues. “I joined because I didn’t have a Bible, and I felt that hindered my spiritual maturity.”

The Bible study brought about many changes in Efrem’s life. To begin with, his attitude towards his parents changed. “As a university student, I looked down upon my parents because they had never been to school,” he explains. “Project Philip taught me to respect and honour my parents. Now, I listen to their counsel, even though they are uneducated.”

Furthermore, the Bible study helped Efrem to withstand opposition. “My society discriminates against born-again believers,” he explains. “For instance, we can’t herd our cattle in the same field with others. Or, when an evangelical believer dies, the community denies a plot of land for his burial. Also, peer pressure hinders young people from accepting Christ.”

But God’s Word is empowering youth like Efrem. “Whenever I face challenges in life, I put my trust in God completely,” he confirms. “I live a new life, reading my Bible daily. I also attend church regularly and am actively involved in small group activities. I thank you all for your commitment to serve Ethiopia’s young generation!”

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