Prisoners like Gabriella meet Jesus – thanks to you!


More than 9,400 people are living their life behind bars today in New Zealand’s prisons. While these men and women are incarcerated, we have a unique opportunity to reach them with the Good News of God’s Word.

We partner with a number of organisations across New Zealand who have chaplains and volunteers that visit the incarcerated across our nation.

Dee is a volunteer who sees the impact you’re having as you support our program to place many more Bibles into prisons.

She shares how God’s Word is a source of healing for prisoners like Gabriella…

“When I met Gabriella, she had served five years of a 20-year sentence and was still unsettled, not knowing how to make up for the people she had hurt. To her, God was just an angry man upstairs. But today, Gabriella is facing her past hurts and God is helping her heal. She has become strong and courageous, and she has a very real and growing relationship with the Lord.”

Gabriella received a Bible in prison through the generosity of friends like you.

Now, God’s Word is being planted in her heart, and in the hearts of others all around her. And as a result, their lives are being transformed!

Thank you for providing God’s Word to inmates in New Zealand and over 40 countries across the globe so that many lives are transformed.

Wherever inmates are on their faith journey, your gift today will help more of them engage with God’s Word in ways they can understand and be transformed.

Pray for those inmates who are feeling overwhelmed by their past.  May they come into an encounter with the Source of Life, Jesus.


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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