Prisoners find freedom behind bars


Imagine spending day after day inside the impenetrable walls of a prison. Loneliness, shame, fear, boredom and anger would be your daily companions. There would be a great longing for hope, forgiveness, and freedom.

The simple act of giving a Bible can have a profound and eternal impact on a prisoner’s life.

One of our chaplains recently met with a female prisoner named Nora* who had never owned a Bible before. In the prison common room, she had found a special Prison edition Bible provided by someone like you. The prison chaplain shared the following story with us:

“As I entered a high security unit recently for a general catch up, I was approached by a woman who was holding a Bible up as she asked me: “Are you the one who gives these out?”

I replied, “Yes” and asked her if she knew much about the Bible. The conversation unfolded. In the back she had found a plan for reading through the Bible in a year and had been reading it morning, noon and evening. She was over a third of the way through the year of readings!  We had a good conversation about what knowing God was all about.  She continues to be excited about what she is reading in her Bible.”

You can also be a source of hope today for prisoners like Steve*, who was an active Christian before he was imprisoned. Steve’s chaplain shares how God’s Word has impacted Steve’s life:

“He is able to practice patience, forgiveness and hope in probably an even deeper way than if he was not in prison.”

Wherever inmates are in their faith journey, you can play a significant part in helping them engage with God’s Word in ways they understand, so they meet Jesus and share Him with others.

Call to Action:  Be a source of hope to prisoners like Nora today. Help them find Jesus and share about Him with others.   

Pray for the inmates who have received Bibles to engage with God’s Word and to be led to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

Be a source of hope to prisoners like Nora today. Help them find Jesus and share about Him with others.