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New life for prisoners

In and out of prison, Peter wasn't take responsibility for his life, until...

Prisoners find freedom behind bars

Finding faith inside prison walls through the gift of God’s Word

Nelda brings hope to a town hungry for discipleship

For the first time, a rural community in Chile is reading and understanding God’s Word, thanks to one family’s ministry.

Prisoners like Gabriella meet Jesus – thanks to you!

There are many men and women in prison who are hurting and lonely. They long for forgiveness and a fresh start….

Man transforms from suicidal teen to faithful servant

At 15 Jenod wanted to end his life because of the misery his family were in...

Mother Finds New Family

Saugineta's parents died when she was very young. Through a local pastor's visit Saugineta experienced the Father's heart for her...

A Passionate Church Planter

Rudolf has a deep desire to serve people but felt like he was a farmer cultivating fields with no tools. Then he heard about Church Planter Training.....

A Modern-Day Saul Transformed

Saahan* began his career as a Physical Education Teacher in rural south India. He was a devout Hindu and a member of a dangerous extremist group focused on stopping all Christian missionary activity in his area

Sharing Christ through literacy

Bible-based Literacy classes bring hope to Nepal. Just off a dusty, unpaved road in Nepal...

An Act of Love

A bubbly and happy fifth grader, Margareth’s energy is contagious. She lives with her family in Nicaragua.

Zainab's second chance to learn

Zainab* and her family escaped the war in the Middle East, hoping for a better and safer life. Initially her and her husband didn’t have jobs and struggled to find their five children adequate schooling.

Gold Life Bible Studies changing lives

Kwame* is an 11-year old student in Ghana. Kwame admits that he has had difficulty controlling his bad behaviour and his laziness, failing to follow simple instructions. “I wanted to change my bad behaviour, but the more I tried on my own, the worse reports I got from my parents,” he sighs.

Fresh air to my soul

For Sreva*, going to church every Sunday was something that she did without question or excuse, but not something that she enjoyed or saw as valuable.

You’re equipping persecuted believers to spread the Gospel

Pastor Somchai* was a Buddhist Priest before his sister patiently shared the love of Christ with him. Since becoming a Christian, he has faced verbal and social persecution from some of his relatives and neighbours while other members of his family deny his existence. Despite this persecution, he has held onto his faith.

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