Jesus is God of All

A Teenage boy finds Jesus in a Literacy Class

Kunal lives in a remote village in central India, far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. His parents could not afford to send him to school. Farming is the way of life; they wake up early in the morning to collect the field’s produce while others go about their work as blacksmiths, carpenters, or potters.

“Because I did not go to school, I often went roaming around the village, picking berries with my friends. When I grew up, I felt bad and sad that I could not read or write. I could not count numbers, and the villagers used to make fun of me as I had difficulty counting money.”

He came to know about Bible League’s ministry through the Literacy facilitator in the village. He was very reluctant to attend the training as he did not feel confident to be part of the class. However, the teacher assured him that the training was for those who could not go to school; Kunal felt comfortable attending the course.

“I was unable to recognise alphabets,” recalls Kunal. “The teacher was patient with me and helped me from the very start. He was kind to me and taught us stories from the Bible. I thought that Jesus was the God only of Christians, but now I know that Jesus loves me. He is the God of all people. He can give life to the dead and heal the sick.”

Kunal faithfully completed the literacy course and is now an integral part of the church’s prayer fellowship.

“I can now count numbers. People who looked down on me are amazed that I have improved a lot. They now respect me and talk to me nicely. They don’t make fun of me.”

Kunal believes that God changed his life. His family members and friends oppose him for being a Christian; however, his teacher supports and encourages him.

Kunal is very thankful to God for the wonderful work He is doing in the remote villages. “I want to thank everyone who has helped me learn to read and write and led me to know Jesus Christ. I pray for the ministry of the Bible League. Please pray for my parents, who do not know Jesus.”

Encourage more young people and children to be able to attend Bible-based Literacy by giving today.

Pray for Kunal’s family to see the changes in him and be drawn into the love of Jesus.


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Encourage more young people and children to be able to attend Bible-based Literacy by giving today.