God’s Word transforms Dercio’s heart and mind

Dercio was born into a Christian family in Mozambique but he later turned away from his faith. When his friends invited him to join Project Philip Bible studies at a local church his life was forever changed.

“I was living according to my own desires,” Dercio says. “But I discovered that Jesus wants us to live according to His will. It helped me to throw away things that I used to do.”

As Dercio dived into God’s Word, he let it soak into his heart and mind, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform his thinking.

“I used to judge other people, even my own parents,” Dercio admits. “But I discovered that the Bible says not to judge.”

Dercio is now a passionate advocate for the Word of God in his family and community – thanks to the generous gifts and prayers of friends like you.

With your support in 2020, the under-resourced Church in Africa was provided with 867,564 Bibles and Biblical resources where they were needed most. How incredible is that!

The need for God’s Word to bring hope to places like Mozambique and all across Africa remains great, especially in the midst of a deadly pandemic and heartbreaking poverty.

The gift of just one Bible doesn’t stop with the transformation of just one individual. It’s active and builds momentum to reach others – which is exactly Dercio’s response. He’s now determined to lead his father and others to Jesus. Praise God!

Call to Action:  Give generously today – place God’s Word in the hands of people in Africa.

Pray for Derico and his family as they continue to study God’s Word and share with others the source of their peace.

The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

Give generously today – place God’s Word in the hands of people in Africa.