God’s miracle for Fatma’s children

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Like many people from Muslim countries, 35-year-old Fatma* was desperate for hope.

Life had been difficult since she, her husband, and their four children had fled to her new country three years earlier to escape the war in Syria.

Fatma explains, “Syrian people are treated badly. People here blame us for taking their jobs, land, money, and even the government’s attention. When people move from Syria, they leave everything behind. Most live in tents and don’t have any property.”

Opportunities for Fatma and her children were limited even more by the fact that they couldn’t read or write.  Fortunately, some of Fatma’s relatives had moved before her and introduced her to Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy class at the local church. It was there that Fatma not only found hope for her future, but also hope in God’s Word.

She said, “I felt that I was born again. I began to study hard, and I applied for my children to be in the same school, but only one of them was accepted.

That night, Fatma took her children in her arms and prayed to God for a miracle that they could all be part of the program. She knew what the literacy class would mean for her children’s future – and she trusted that God’s will would be done.

Fatma shared, “The next day, I went to school again and the teacher told me that all my children had been accepted. On that day, I realised that the God who was with Moses and Joseph still exists and still does miracles.”

Fatma and her children are now in the Bible-based Literacy program together and absorbing God’s Word through every lesson. They look forward to when they will receive their own Arabic Easy-to-ReadTM Bible.

Thankfully, it’s safe for Fatma to have a Bible and practice her faith openly – which isn’t the case in many countries, where being a Christian means putting your life at risk.

Still, that danger hasn’t diminished the spiritual hunger in Muslim nations for Jesus – which is why, with your help, Bible League is committed to providing more Bible-based Literacy programs, as well as Bibles, biblical resources and training.

Pray for those in Muslim nations who seek the comfort of God’s Word and who bravely share Jesus with others.

*Name changed for security reasons


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