Former Atheist Accepts Christ

COVID-19 makes man reconsider faith

Across Mexico and the globe, COVID-19 severely affected churches and ministries. But thankfully, God created opportunities through digital platforms like Zoom and WhatsApp. And through these digital platforms, Jorge was able to learn about God.

Sandra, a Bible League-trained Project Philip Bible study leader, had known Jorge for years. When he contracted COVID-19, she connected with him through WhatsApp to offer hope and encouragement. Jorge was an atheist. “I did not believe in the things of God, nor was I interested,” he says. But when his world was turned upside down by the virus, he began questioning his beliefs.

“The adversities of life bend you,” he says. “When your life is at risk and your health is bad, you desperately look for other alternatives just to save your life.”

Sandra invited Jorge to an online Project Philip Bible study and, to her surprise, he agreed to attend. “What made me accept the invitation was the hope she conveyed,” Jorge says. “In the midst of my calamity, there was a solution to my situation.”

Through Bible League’s Project Philip study, Jorge began experiencing the Lord and questioning all the things he once knew. He began to understand who God is and realised he wanted a relationship with Him.

“My intellect, the ideologies I formed about God, limited me to understand who He is. But now I know Him and I personally accepted Him into my life,” he says. “God brought me forward, healed me, and now I am very grateful to Him.”

COVID-19 has brought so much pain, despair, and heartache around the world, but we know that God is always good. God has continued to create opportunities for people like Jorge to know Him. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Pray for those who are isolated and vulnerable in Mexico that they will find true life in Jesus.


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