A Passionate Church Planter

Rudolf is a Church Planter living in a small town in the Armenian province of Ararat. He completed his training not long ago and is still feasting on the wisdom he received. He shares how one member of his group described Church Planter Training in this way, “As church planting servants, we are like farmers who go to cultivate the fields but have no tools. When we participate in Church Planter Training, we are provided with spiritual tools and we become stronger in our Christian lives and our ministries.”

This resonated with Rudolf because he had a deep desire in his heart to serve people, to help his church. He explains, “I was always active in our church; I tried to help the church as much as I could. At the same time, I had a deep desire in my heart to plant new churches. However, I did not know how to do so, I had no clue. I was praying for that regularly.”

His pastor recognised his passion and encouraged him to participate in Church Planter Training when it became available at his church. “At first, I was completely surprised by his suggestion,” Rudolf explains, “Then God reminded me of my prayers, and I agreed to participate.”

Not long into his training, Rudolf experienced a spiritual awakening. “I got new and fresh strength. When my wife noticed the change in my life, she decided to join me. Together, we finished all the training. Now, I can assure you that we are ready to go to new places and to plant new churches!”

Through your generosity today, more pastors will be provided with the necessary tools to grow their churches.

 Please pray for all the Church Planters who will be putting what they’ve learned into practice for the glory of God in Armenia.


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