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Breaking free from illiteracy

When Magda’s husband died, her world turned upside down. Suddenly, she became the sole provider for her four children and was barely able to keep her head above water. Living in Egypt, where Islam is the dominant religion, Christians are often treated as second-class citizens and Magna struggled to find work. It wasn’t long before her family plunged deeply into debt.

Thankfully, one of the members of her local Christian church was able to assist her in obtaining a permit to work at a food kiosk. Sadly, because Magda cannot read or write, a supplier took advantage of her by selling her expired foods.

“I found two policemen at my kiosk asking for me,” she explains.  “They told me that I was under arrest for the sale of expired goods. It turned out that some students got food poisoning because of what I sold them. I could not believe it. I explained to the policemen that I was illiterate and that I was not able to read the expiration dates. Thank God, the officer in charge was convinced. He persuaded the families to drop the charges against me, which they did.

“Then I heard there would be Bible-based Literacy classes made available at my church and I felt it was a sign that God was fixing my problem of illiteracy.”

Magna began attending Bible League’s Bible-based Literary classes and was soon able to read simple sentences.

“Now I can check the production and expiration dates on any food I buy, whether for the kiosk, or for my children,” she says happily. “We also get to read the Bible in class, which is very encouraging. I thank God He delivered me from jail. The jail of illiteracy!”

Pray for people who are attending Bible League’s Bible-based Literary classes in the Middle East to have fresh revelation as they read and understand God’s Word.

The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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